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They were on time, professional, and answered all our questions.

Great work, fast easy service - 5/31/2013

I got 4 quotes and JKJ Electric was far and above the best experience overall. Warren came out and did a free estimate the day after I initially made the request. He was polite, answered all my questions, and gave me a terrific breakdown of different options (LED vs Regular recessed lighting) on the estimate (he emailed me the estimate about 4 days after the in-home walk through). A few weeks later after getting all the other quotes JKJ Electric still remained our top choice coming in with the lowest estimate. I contacted Warren and he set up an appoint for two electricians to come out and do the install (1 master electrician and 1 assistant)- all while working with my schedule. I was easily able to set up the appoint for the work to begin about a week after I called. (By the way Warren communicates great over email and the phone so I felt like there was constant communication.)

Jason and Ray came at exactly 8am to start work and finished everything by 5:15 - even cleaning up before they left. Jason did a superb job of installing the recessed lights - he was very careful to cut our plaster, so much so that we didn't have any damage and will not have to do any more than a few dabs of paint to the ceiling around 3 of the 8 lights. I can't say enough about how good it all looks. I thought we had way too many things on our list for them to accomplish in one day, but they did it all! Ray did a great job installing 3 ceiling fans - there were light fixtures there previously that he removed then reinforced for the fan boxes (no mess in any of the bedrooms after installation) - all fans work great with no wobble. Ray also converted the exterior outlet. Jason did all the recessed lighting and wiring and drilled a hole in our living room floor for a flush floor outlet. Looks great and he did an amazing job concealing all the wiring in our basement. Then both Ray and Jason cleaning up and moved all my furniture back into place before leaving.

I paid by credit card after they left by calling the office and talked with Sharron who was very pleasant - and still there at 6pm to take my call. Then I asked how much it would be and she told me the total cost of work would be exactly as written on the estimate - $2345.00. I would highly recommend the crew at JKJ Clectric to anyone. Thank you guys for the great work and fast, easy service!

Very pleased - 5/28/2013

I submitted a review before on these two. There were two gentlemen that arrived. They worked as a team and installed my light and connected my fan so it would work in less then a hour. I am very pleased with this service and would use them again. Especially if the two who arrived would be available to come.

Very happy - 5/10/2013

I originally called them to put in some GFCIs on outlets, but was talked out of it once I described in detail what I needed. They charge a flat hourly rate plus (very) reasonable material costs. I was very happy with this service, they were timely and helpful from the first call to the end of the visit. Since he came with mostly the GFCI's he only had 1/2 the outlets he needed for the work, but used mine without even blinking. Again, I saved their number and will use them in the future if I ever have need.

Overall pleased - 5/10/2013

Overall I was pleased with the work. I received an estimate over the phone for the job. The 2 man crew showed up when promised. I showed then where I wanted the outlets installed an they did just that. Clean-up was so-so but not a big deal to me as I was doing work in that room myself. The only thing I was not pleased with was when they (the workers) wrote up the work order, I noticed he charged me for 2.5 hours of labor when they were only there for 1.5 hours I questioned them about this and also advised them that they didn't include my Angie's list discount. No fuss over my questioning hours or discount, it was changed on the spot. Pays to double check any companies work orders and/or bills.

Everything went great - 4/25/2013

Everything went great, starting with Sharron who books the appt., through Joe who did the installation. Very professional, very thorough, and very friendly. Thanks!

Andy Hannan, Production Manager, MARK IV Builders

Our company has been working with JKJ Electric for three years. In that time, we have found JKJ to be a high quality, professionally run business. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is impressive to our clients.

In the field, JKJ employees are always neat and well organized. Their attention to detail is the mark of a truly skilled organization.

During our 20 years in the construction trade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many electrical companies; JKJ sets a precedence of team work and excellence for others to follow.

Chad C., Washington, DC

Electrician was very prompt, courteous and professional. Even replaced a faulty lightswitch in another room for free.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

Jennie S., Washington, DC

My experience with JKJ was very positive from getting the estimate to doing the work. I got an appointment for an estimate in a reasonable amount of time. Jason Larson, the estimator, gave me an hourly and a job rate.

Anonymous, Washington, DC

I mistakenly elected to use the hourly rate because the circuit was to be mounted to the surface of the wall and I did not think it would take two hours to do the work. I was wrong. It took more than two hours. The electrician who did the work did a very good job and was very competent. The work took longer than predicted because the wiring had to go through wall studs.

Rated A's in all categories.

Thu N., Silver Spring, MD

I called the listed number and by chance the owner answered the phone. He was not able to schedule an appointment for me on the phone but his assistant called me back within 5 minutes and sent an electrician to my home within 1 hour. The electrician was quick to find the problem (malfunctioned outlets in the kitchen) and he replaced them all within an hour. The whole group (the owner, his assistant, and the electrician) handled my job very well and professional. I don't know the current market price for electrician work so I cannot comment on the price but I am OK with what they charged me for the service they provided. I will use this company again.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

B. Jackson, Washington, DC

I used JKJ to help me with the wiring for a kitchen remodeling. Jason from JKJ was awesome -- responsive, affordable, and more than willing to work with me to figure out how best to meet code requirements and come in at budget. Jason and his crew were even willing to work on Saturday to make sure the project stayed on schedule, handled the permit process with DC, and was willing to check over some work I had done myself to ensure it was up to code. I would definitely use JKJ again and recommend them highly.

Rated all A's.

S. Feldman, Washington, DC

I called on 11/29 to schedule an appointment to have an electrical outlet in a fireplace removed. The difficultly was determining where the wire was connected to the power line. They were able to schedule my job for the first thing the next day (between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m.). The guys showed up at 7:30 and promptly got to work, did a little searching, found where the outlet was connected and disconnected and removed the outlet...all in less than a hour. The guys were courteous and very professional. I would definitely recommend them and use them for any upcoming jobs.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

C. Tracy, Washington, DC

JKJ Electric Inc. performed an outstanding job from beginning to end. First, I requested an estimate and the technician came and provided the estimate. The estimator was very careful to ensure that it was understood what I wanted and provided expert advice on what was needed. The estimate arrived in the mail promptly.

I called the office to schedule the service call with Sharron and the appointment was 2 days later. Victor and another technician arrived to our home on time with the complete details of what I requested. The services were performed, I was advised of each step of the process. The completed work was outstanding and the final payment was lower than the estimate . It was a pleasure doing business with JKJ Electric Co. and all of its staff. Thank you.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

S. Ketcham, Centreville, VA

The technicians arrived on time, found the problems quickly, and had them repaired in a short period of time. As an add on, I did ask them if they could install an outside plug on the front of my house. They most graciously obliged and had all of the work done in a very short time.

Because the addition of the outside plug required the moving of a light sensor for my outside pole lamp, they discovered that the light bulb had burned out…they even replaced it for me…now, that is what I call service! I would most certainly use JKJ Electric for any future electrical problems I might have, and I would highly recommend them to everyone else. They were on time, very courteous, efficient, and very reasonably priced! Rated A's in all categories.

Karen P., Silver Spring, MD

Description Of Work: We needed to upgrade our electric from 100 amp to 200 amp service (heavy-up). They installed a new electric panel, ran a ground to the water main and did the temporary connection from the meter to the new box until PEPCO comes out to finalize the connection. Once done, they labeled all the circuits in the new box.

Comments: I was very impressed right from the start. We found JKJ due to their good rating on Angie’s List. They gave us a great price, including an Angie's list discount. They were quite a bit less expensive than the other estimates that we received. Two men came to handle the project. They were very nice, explained everything and finished within the original time frame they had given me. Unfortunately, my water main is under the kitchen sink and by code the system has to be grounded there. They ran the line, making as few holes in the kitchen as possible. When they were finished, they replaced the wallboard and I will just have to spackle and repaint. They took their time and labeled all the circuits on the new box. My electrical panel is better documented now than it was before. When they finished, they cleaned up everything beautifully. They explained that I would have to call Montgomery County to have their work inspected and then PEPCO to rewire from the meter to the house.

I had my Montgomery County inspection this morning and the inspector asked who did the project. He said he was very impressed with the quality of the install and the time taken to install the wiring cleanly.

He said you don't see much of that anymore. I called JKJ and they told me they will take care of following up with PEPCO (which could take a while) even though their part is officially done. Very pleased with the level of customer service, job well done.

Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A

R. Krause, Upper Marlboro, MD

Description of Work: The telephone line went out during an electrical storm. Verizon came out and worked in the garage only, restoring some branches of the telephone line but not others because they don't go into homes. We needed the main connection from the garage to the family room restored.

Comments: The men arrived on time, assessed the problem quickly, and took care of the line in the garage and in the house. Part of the problem involved the cable connection near the electric meter. All is working properly thanks to their expertise. Due to Hurricane Irene and also some later problems locally with flooding about a week later, we had to reschedule the appointment twice. That request was also accomplished in a minimum of time. Great service all around!

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

S. Plummer, Washington, DC

I was very happy with this company! Their schedule was already full for the week, but they squeezed me in because my situation was a semi-emergency. They arrived on time, were very courteous and professional, and fixed the problem in a timely fashion. And the overall price was very reasonable!

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

M. Lloyd, Silver Spring, MD

When I called JKJ Electric to get an estimate on a broken switch to my garbage disposal, the receptionist suggested I try resetting the disposal first in case it wasn't the electric. I couldn't find the button so made a date for JKJ to come out. They arrived promptly and immediately replaced the broken switch. They also found the disposal reset button, used a special tool to clear out the underside of the disposal, THEN found a small spoon in the teeth of the disposal that we didn't know was there. They saved us a plumber bill for sure. I appreciate service persons who go above and beyond and these two certainly did. It was a good experience beginning with the JKJ receptionist herself.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

J. Redmond, Bethesda, MD

I cannot remember a more satisfactory service encounter. Team of two men did an excellent job, quietly attending to the projects and cheerfully handling every aspect of my list of concerns. Very, very, good company.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

S. Chilton, Washington, DC

I called 14 "A rated Angie's List" electricians and only got 5 call backs. I did have to play phone tag with JKJ Electric to set up an estimate, but Jason was able to come out within a few days for the estimate. JKJ was the "middle estimate" of the 3 I actually got, I was able to schedule the work for the following week. Paul and another man arrived ready to work, with all the necessary equipment. They were very professional and neat.

They asked my preferences for location of installation where appropriate and finished quickly. They cleaned up and hauled away the old fixtures. I am very satisfied. Rated: All "A"s

T. Bernstein, Bethesda, MD

They did a great job. I had no problems with the service. They were prompt and did exactly what I wanted them to. I would hire them again.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

B.Baskin, Rockville, MD

From the start they were professional. The team called me to let me know they were running late. They were only 15 minutes late. I have them hang 2 ceiling lights in my kitchen to replace the existing ones. They also hung a light in my dining room. . I had two sets of lights. After hanging one of the sets I realized the lights didn't seem to produce enough light. Without hesitating they offered to hang the other set. After they got one of the lights up we realized it didn't work. Here is where they went above and beyond. They went to the place I purchased the light and asked for a replacement. I still can't believe they did that for me. The new lights in my dining room and kitchen looks great. They did a great job.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

E. Shekhdar, Rockville, MD

The electrician they sent was punctual and professional. He immediately went to work on the oven wiring issue and determined that the wiring from the box was properly done, and that the breaker was wired properly.

He surmised that the issue was the broiler drawer pinched the oven cord, causing the short-out. (We ended up having the oven manufacturer's repair company out to look at the problem--turns out the electrician was right-- the broiler drawer impinged on the cord!). The gentleman from JKJ then set about replacing 30+ outlets in our home.

He was finished by dinner time, and left very little dust/debris for us to clean up. We are very happy with the service we received.

Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

A. Foose, Washington, DC

In my old and oddly configured house, my bathroom, home office and 1 outlet in the basement are all connected to one circuit which blows whenever I have my hairdryer and space heater going at the same time. On Saturday, the outlet in the home office "sparked" before the circuit blew. Usually I just have to go to the circuit breaker and flip the switch back on but this time nothing happened.

I called JKJ Electric Monday morning and scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday. Sharron said she would call me with a more narrow window of time once she had the schedule arranged. Sharron was very pleasant to deal with and she followed up as promised. She left me a message saying the electrician would arrive between 9 and 11am the next morning. On Tuesday, Paul called and left a message on my voicemail letting me know that he would arrive between 9:45 and 10am. He was at my house right before 10am.

I told him what happened and showed him the outlet that had "sparked". He and his assistant proceeded to test the outlet in the home office and all the other ones that were connected on that circuit. Once he determined the problem, he replaced the "sparked" outlet (which had melted) and changed out my 2 prong outlets to 3 prongs.

He also looked at the baseboard heating in my basement (which has not been working for years). It turns out the baseboard heating is connected to an old fashioned fuse box (with little round fuses) in the garage. I have asked JKJ for an estimate for replacing the old baseboard heating with an updated one. It took some time to figure out how the baseboard heating was configured since I have 3 electrical panels throughout the house.

Paul and Gus were very knowledgeable and professional. After completing their work, they cleaned up the area and moved all the furniture back without asking. I highly recommend them. And don't forget to mention if you found them on Angie's List. Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

O.Borchert, Germantown, MD

They installed a new 60 AMP disconnect for heat pump. They staff is very friendly and respectful. I would say the overall experience was good, absolutely hassle free and the pricing is very reasonable. Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A

C. Homenko, Rockville, MD

Arrived on-time, did what was asked and cleaned up. They came back several days later for some additional work I requested and did another fine job. I have used several electricians in the past with various results but after reviewing Angie’s list reviews I tried these guys. I will use them again and would not hesitate in suggesting that other Angie-listers do too.

Rated all As.

S.K. Piper, Silver Spring, MD

Installed 10 light fixtures and returned to swap out outlets in the kitchen; installed 4 fans. Great. These guys are excellent! Clean and efficient and nice to boot! Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

N. Fryzek, Gaithersburg, MD

JKJ gave a short time frame for their estimated arrival time, so I didn't have to wait forever. They arrived promptly at the earlier estimated time. I had additional requests beyond what we had originally called about, and they were happy to accommodate my additional requests. They outlined what it would take before they started, so I knew what to expect and about how long it would take. They were polite, efficient, and careful. I would use them again. Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

J. Harwin, Washington, DC

From the time I set-up my estimate appointment until the time the crew left, JKJ Electric was top-notch! The Project Manager gave me a very fair price, and a crew was available within a week, so this was a no-brainer for me. The crew, Warren and Louis, were fabulous -- very professional, friendly and clean. I was so impressed with the quality of work they did and how well they cleaned up after themselves. These guys are awesome! Overall A, Price A, Quality A, Responsiveness A, Punctuality A, Professionalism A.

F. Lewis, Washington, DC

They were great. I was pushed for time as the contractor was coming in to remove the wall that had the electrical wires etc in it, and I hadn't organized everything well. They accommodated me at short notice, and the guys who came out to do the work were efficient and worked hard to get the job done.

A's in all categories.

T. Powelson, Rockville, MD

JKJ Electric installed two ceiling fans, repaired the attic fan, replaced three hallway lights, repaired a ceiling fan, and connected two bedroom lights to outlet switches. This required that they navigate my cluttered attic.

I had accumulated several electrical issues that needed addressing and was thrilled to get them all finally resolved. On the phone, Sharron was very helpful and friendly, and the electricians who came out to the house were knowledgeable and efficient. There was one small issue with the first ceiling fan installation--the fan was a bit crooked, but when I pointed it out, they quickly corrected it.

E. Meyer, Rockville, MD<

JKJ has done a lot of work since we purchased our house in January 2010. They have rewired all of the outlets and brought them up to code, installed a new breaker box and installed several new fixtures. The last time they were here they installed two new ceiling fans in rooms without an overhead light fixture.

They are great to work with! They have been very prompt and punctual and often come either the next day or a few days later (once the same day!). The crew is very polite and clean. Jason comes to check everything over and he's great to work with. We are going to have them continue to change out more light fixtures as the time goes by. I highly recommend them. Rated all "A"s!

J.Conner, Gaithersburg, MD

VERY responsive at short notice. Willing to allow cancellation at last minute (after hours) if problem was resolved with one last ditch effort. Customer Service Personnel went above and beyond. Awesome to find someone in this day and age willing to put themselves out.

Problem ended up being very simple but was overlooked at the beginning causing a lot of extra time searching for the problem. With that said however, once located (double checking work found the problem. Applaud that he went back to double check) was fixed quickly.

Was concerned I would be billed for all the extra time there...but not the case. Very reasonable and appropriate charge as if the problem had been located right away as it should have been. All A’s except B for Quality.

J. Desjardins, DC Metro

Great would use them again. Paul was on time and gave my husband advise on what was causing the breaker to keep tripping.

M. Horn, Washington, DC

The scheduler was more than willing to find a time that would work for my partner or I during a time that was convenient for us- because we were both at work during the time of scheduling, there was a lot of calling back and forth between my partner and I and the scheduler and contractors. The whole time, they were very patient and accommodating with our crazy schedules.

The contractor arrived about an hour after I had expected, but I know this is not unusual for the skilled worker crowd. I further explained what we wanted done and he got right to work. Including a trip to the hardware store and running wire up and above our ceilings to the bedroom, everything was finished in about 3.5 hours. We are very happy with the work done and the contractor even swept up after himself! I would say the price was definitely within what we had hoped to pay for that particular job.

B for Price & Quality, C for Punctuality.

N. Skonberg, McClean, VA

The electrician arrived on time, understood what we needed done, and got right to work. The job took about 4 1/2 hours to complete and I was very pleased with the quality of the work and the electricians’ professionalism.

K. Carnahan, Washington, DC

The two men that came were on time, very nice, and knew exactly what they were doing. they were remarkably quick and everything works perfectly now. I got three jobs done within one hour.

N. Morales, Gaithersburg, MD

Project Manager answered all my questions, was friendly and provided the estimate. The two electricians, who performed the job, arrived on time and were very professional. They worked efficiently and obviously know their craft. They assisted me in identifying the correct placement for the fan, their advice concerning factors to consider was very helpful. The two worked well as a team and I appreciated how they would clean up after themselves as they did the work. I am very impressed by the whole experience and highly recommend this company.

L. Torres, Frederick, MD

I called JKJ based on their Angie's List reports and comments. I also called two other of the A's L top ranked electricians for quotes for this job. JKJ was the most responsive off the bat and was at my door same day to take a look. The Project manager looked over the site as I mentioned what i wanted to have done. He was very knowledgeable and explained the heavy up process in detail. He even pointed out a some things that would not be the same as before because of Code Regulations, and possible ways to address the situation. He pointed out that I maybe shouldn't do something the way I had intended and offered suggestions. I decided to go with JKJ for two reasons: yes price was a strong motivator, but I also felt extremely comfortable with Jason's knowledge and forthrightness (trust me, if I thought that something felt off, the price would not have mattered. One of the three companies that I had do quotes gave me a very uneasy feeling... too schmoozie and a bit too loosey-goosey with matters of Code. Did not like that!)

We had wanted to install better lighting on the first floor of our home because it was dark and we never wanted to use the space. We also wanted to relocate the television from where the builder had installed the cable outlet. It was in an awkward space that blocked the hallway. The receptionist who scheduled the visit was very nice and friendly. Jason arrived on time to do the estimate. He suggested what would work and what would be costly to change, which we appreciated. He send the estimate on the day he promised.

When I called to schedule, they were able to send someone that week. Ian and Victor showed up exactly on time, were very professional and courteous and checked in with me often to be sure they were putting the lights and installing the cable in a way that made me happy. When the original idea for the cable turned out to be a bit more involved than expected, they gave me options and found a good solution. They did their work quickly and well, and left minimal mess. I am happy to report we have a well-lit room that we are now enjoying thoroughly. They will be back to do more work for us soon.

I would recommend this company to anyone.

R. Washington, Washington, DC

Two men arrived to perform the jobs. They were a little late, but once they got here, they were very professional and worked non-stop for about 4 hours. The work was very clean and professional. We will definitely use them again in the future. The price was great....much lower than another quote we'd gotten from another highly rated Angie's List provider.

O. Brooks, Washington, DC

Tech arrived on time. Professional attitude. Great "let's get it done" attitude. Explained everything in layman terms as he worked. Cleaned up really well. Summarized work before leaving site.


K. Kersey, Gaithersburg, MD

JKJ came out and went through the house with me to provide the estimate as I had a lot of work to be done. Jason was on time, was pleasant, patient and very knowledgeable. He advised me on options that I was considering for different things. Because of the Christmas holidays, there was a slight delay on starting the work but they kept in touch and let me know what the scheduling issues were and exactly when they would be able to start. When they came to begin the work, they were on time and the workmen were very nice and considerate.

They did an excellent job and stayed on task. They ran into a couple of glitches with unsuspected pipes in the walls but they quickly redirected and made the final product look great. They even showed me what they were doing so that I could learn the process. They also did a couple of little things they did not have to do, like carrying a heavy mirror downstairs for me. I was extremely pleased with their work and with the price. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs electrical work done.

K. Dickens, Chevy Chase, MD

They switched out two lights -- which became a bit complicated as one light I had ordered was delivered broken. So, I had to change plans as to what light was to go where. The gentlemen were very helpful and patient as I changed my mind a few times! They also put a power surge protector on my electrical panel.

It went very well. As I said above, they were extremely patient. They gave good advice, as I wanted to try and fix the broken piece in the light fixture that I had received and have them install it anyway. However, they convinced me that that would not be the best idea, as it would probably fall later; I wanted to have it up so badly! However, I followed their advice, and am glad that I did. Once I receive the replacement light, I will be calling them again to put it and another two up. All A’s except a C for Price.

S. Gurfein-Amron, Rockville, MD

After disappointing experiences with 2 other companies we decided to check Angie's List and found JKJ Electric. We needed the work completed right away and they sent someone to our home just hours after our initial call. They did a great job.


Tyburski, Bethesda, MD

Asked electrician to install 2 light fixtures - one tricky pendant type over pool table which required a new electrical box. Smooth from start to finish. Electrician worked fast and cleaned up afterwards. All A’s S.

C. Colton, Bethesda, MD

JKJ wired my house for Verizon and installed an electrical plug. They installed an exterior light as well. This was excellent. They came on time and knew what they were doing. They charged a fair price. I would hire them again. All A’s

T. Cascella, Gaithersburg, MD

The guys arrived 15 minutes early & were extremely professional. They were very knowledgeable & worked on the electrical wiring for moving our washer & dryer to the upstairs. They also did some wiring in the downstairs basement & kitchen area. Not only were they proficient & fast, but they were engaging & friendly. I would not hesitate to hire this company again in a second. In fact, I will be telling all my friend about this company whenever they need work done of this nature. Great jobs guys. It was pleasures to have you do work for us!! Awesome. No complaints at all.

R. Downing, Rockville, MD

We were very pleased with the services of JKJ. They put in a new box for us due to the fact that our old box went out completely. We will be using them again for upcoming projects.

M.L. Armstrong, Brookeville, MD

The work quality was very good. They were clean and prompt. Everything was great! Rate all A’s.

E. Wenger, Bethesda, MD

JKJ installed a 150 lb chandelier in my foyer. Three electricians arrived and were very careful installing this very heavy piece. It took them all day but they did a great job and were very patient.

M. Greenberg, Darnestown, MD

JKJ is a great company to do business with. They are honest, upfront, reasonable, and punctual. I had them install 3 new light fixtures in my home that required some difficult wire work. They also installed a spot light in my backyard and tied the wiring into an existing switch. I had them install and wire two in-ceiling speakers for my home entertainment system. They were very professional, and I would use them again. All A’s except B for Quality?

M. Zelando, Crofton, MD

JKJ Electric installed and assembled 3 ceiling fans for my 3 bedrooms. The rooms did not contain electrical boxes so they had to install the boxes and redirect the light switches to work with the fans. They also installed an attic fan for my home to keep the house cool in the summer and to lower my electric bills. They also installed 2 additional electrical outlets in my garage.

They had the best prices out of the four bids I received. They took their time to do the job. They scheduled the work within a week and were very courteous on the phone. They completed all of the work in one day. They were extremely neat. They left no rubbish or mess behind.

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